last update December-22-2017

All map files in this database are zipped and must be unzipped after downloading, eg with WinZip or 7-zip

Support is provided only for the software by the programmer. But not for the Tunes (Map's)

Voici une liste de cartographies disponibles.
pour les modèles  Husqvarna.
Le lien pour le téléchargement est inclus
dans la liste.
Il suffit de cliquer sur le numéro de la Map. :-)

Below a list of various tunes in the hex file format for Husqvarna models.
Link for the download is included in the list.  
Just click on the Tune-number. :-)

Unten eine Liste von Tunes im Hex-File-Format für Husqvarna Modelle.
Der Link für den Download ist mit in der Liste vermerkt.
Einfach auf die Tune-Nummer klicken. :-)

Di seguito è riportato un elenco di diverse mappe in formato esadecimale (.zip). Le mappe sono specifiche per le Husqvarna modelos. I link da cui fare download sono
 inclusi nella tabella. Basta fare clic sul numero-Tune.

Debajo hay una lista con varios tunes en formato de archivo hex.
Los tunes son para los modelos
de Husqvarna.

Abaixo está uma lista de vários mapas no formato de arquivo hexadecimal.
Os mapas são para os modelos de injeção de Husqvarna.
Link para o download está incluído na lista. Basta clicar no número do Tune. :-).

!!! use at your own risk!!!
Husqvarna models are supported only by TuneECU for Android.
Attention !!! Existing Custom maps should only be used as a basis for a fine-tuning.
Without a test run on a dynamometer, you should not use these Custom maps, because every engine is different.
Tune No. Description
Husqvarna TE 449
E60BD1B0_A00map.hex OEM          md5checksum Akrapovic map for TE449 MY11 (EU-AUS-JPN)
E60BD0C0_A10map.hex OEM          md5checksum Standard map for TE449 MY12+ (EU-AUS-CAN-JPN)
Husqvarna SMR 449
S60BD0B0_A00map.hex OEM          md5checksum Standard map for SMR449 MY11 (EU-AUS-JPN)
S60BD1B0_A00map.hex OEM          md5checksum Akrapovic map for SMR449 MY11 (EU-AUS-JPN)
Husqvarna TE 511
E61BD0C0_A10map.hex OEM         md5checksum Standard map for TE511 MY12+ (EU-AUS-CAN-JPN)
E61BD1B0_A00map.hex OEM         md5checksum Akrapovic map for TE511 MY11 (EU-AUS-JPN)
Husqvarna SMR 511
S61BD0B0_A00map.hex OEM         md5checksum Standard map for SMR511 MY11 (EU-AUS-JPN)
S61BD1B0_A00map.hex OEM         md5checksum Akrapovic map for SMR511 MY11 (EU-AUS-JPN)
S61BD0C0_A00map.hex OEM         md5checksum Standard map for SMR511 MY12 (EU-USA-CAN-AUS-JPN)
Husqvarna TC 449
HU001001220000Map..hex OEM   md5checksum Husqvarna TC449

!!! use at your own risk!!!