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TuneECU can basically be used only on models which are listed in the compatibility list.


Doc Ver:2.5 Mar. 2013
Android Doc Ver:4.0 Jul. 2019

last update oct-19-2020
!! Important note !!
No Motobike Manufactor have had involvement in this product.
The use of a manufactures name and / or model designation to describe
the motorcycles on this site does not imply that the manufacturer endorses
the use of this application.

ATTENTION, in order to avoid bad investments,
please first read the TuneECU pages in detail,
 then get the necessary equipment.

Download and install TuneECU for Android for your own safety, only from the Google Play Store.


TuneECU for Windows,  is freeware and may only be distributed free of charge.
Further development and support for the Windows version ended in December 2016.

The Android version of TuneECU is chargeable and is available on Google Play Store.

Note: use the search term "tuneecu" in Store.

This description was created for the outdated Windows version of TuneECU and can be
applied largely on the Android version also. Deviations in the Android version will be added
here by and by. More information about the Android version, HERE

Updates and support for the Windows version were discontinued in 2016.

Please use the Android version of TuneECU.

For some time, some online auction platforms offer complete sets with cable, TuneECU Software,
instructions and maps. These providers do not act on our behalf.
The team TuneECU dissociates from these suppliers, as we have no control over what is passed
from these providers on the users. For safety ! -  
Download the Windows software, instructions and
maps exclusively from our 
Download the Android software exclusively from the Google Play Store.

  1. If this software is not correctly applied, the engine can be destroyed.
  2. TuneECU is not a "Gameboy", anyone who uses this tool on his motorcycle should know very well,
    what he is doing and he does it at your own risk.
  3. At use of this software, under certain circumstance can invalidate your warranty.
  4. In the database provided custom maps can be used only as a basis for a tuning
    on a suitable dynamometer. 
  5. Because every engine is different, least should be performed a test run with A/F curve,
    If you want to have joy on your engine for a long time.

TuneECU is a software for reprogramming, diagnosis and testing of engine control units (ECU),
which are built into some motorcycle models with Electronic Fuel 

TuneECU for Windows is outdated and only compatible with some of the listed models.
This version is no longer recommended. Only the Android version of TuneECU is recommended.

Technical Support only for the Android version of TuneECU, but not for the maps provided:

Please visit the TuneECU- Chat , or the new TuneECU forum.

To get support, the following information are required:
  • A short description of the problem.
  • Android device &  Android version
  • TuneECU version
  • What connection is used, Bluetooth or cable.
    For Bluetooth problems: What a Bluetooth adapter is used? (Manufacturers and
    Software version)
  • For cable problems: Cable-Manufacturer or Source
  • Charged Map
  • Bike Type
  • VIN
For the Android version, in TuneECU directory a trace.txt is generated, this trace file basically
send you along with the inquiry as ZIP- or RAR-file.

Without the above mentioned information, no support can be done.

No support when it comes to such trivial questions as:
  • Is my bike compatible and which functions are supported (see simply in the Bikes List)
  • Which cable do I have to use and where can I get it (see simply "System requirements")
  • Which Bluetooth adapter do I have to use, etc., questions that everyone can answer for themselves
    if they only deal a little with the instructions and the software itself.

System requirements Windows System: 
  • Computer:  PC or Netbook , running  Windows (XP, Vista,  Windows 7, Windows 8 & 8.1, Windows 10
    (32 or 64 bit)
    (except Windows  RT & Windows Phone)
  •  USB 2.0 or better.
  • 1024x576 display and NET Framework (XP only) Vers. 2.0 and upwards..
  • USB-OBD2-KKL-FTDI-Cable (other cables will not work) for connecting to the dedicated 16-pin diagnostic plug of the Engine Control Module.
    The Windows version can not be used with Bluetooth.
    For ECM Sagem and Keihin models:
    USB/OBDII cable with FTDI chip set and associated CDM (D2XX) ver. 2.06.00 drivers or higher.
    Note: for Windows 8 & Windows 8.1 from driver vers. 2.08.28, select here the driver package
    for manual  installation.
    From driver version 2_08_30, works with WIN 8 & 8.1, the automatic installation via
    Windows driver update.
    For ECM Walbro:
    Only a serial cable RS232, a serial port on the computer, and AMP-Super-Seal-connector-6pin
    is required see here.
    Maybe You need nor a USB/RS232-converter. This converter is required, if your
    computer has
    no a serial interface (RS232).

    Note: For the Walbro models is when using TuneECU for Android, still a special converter cable, FTDI-USB-RS232, required. see here.

System requirements
Android System:
  • Smartphone or Tablet Android version 4.0 minimum, dual Core 1.2 Ghz mini.
    The cheap phones or tablets with Android Go versions do not have enough memory to run TuneECU
    and no OTG support for using a USB cable.
  • Cable USB OBD2 KKL FTDI (The cable is the same as the windows version)
  • Adapter USB/micro (cable OTG) if needed.
  • Optional: Interface Bluetooth ELM327,  version 1.4 or 1.5
  • More info here

Drivers limitation for the USB-Tuneboy-cable (Windows System only):

The TuneBoy cable works only with the ancient FTDI driver from TuneBoy's own site.
For  WIN8 / 8.1 & 10 unfortunately, the tuneboy driver is to install only with a trick.
For WIN8 / 8.1. See here.

With Win 10 is similar
The problem is the enforced driver signing in Windows8, Windows 8.1 & Windows 10.
The hardware id of TuneBoy cable is different vs. a generic/TuneECU FTDI cable.
So even though both cables have same chip, TuneBoy cable needs the matching driver.

Restrictions on the use of the
serial TuneBoy-cable (Windows & Android System):

The serial TuneBoy-cable can also be used with TuneECU, but is a USB-Serial-Adapter necessary,
which has a FTDI-chip-set. Good example is here the Digitus DA-70156 USB-Serial-Adapter.

  • For the Walbro Benelli models, a special converter cable and AMP Super-Seal connector (6 pin)
     is still required, see here.
  • For Aprilia, KTM, Benelli, Husqvarna, Ducati, Moto Guzzi, Gilera & Morini ECU's,
    additional components are required
    , follow this link.
Recommendation for USB/OBD2 cable:  Triumph-TwinPower or Lonelec, UK
More sources for USB/OBD2-Cable, Bluetooth-Adapter and other Adapters, can be found HERE

TuneECU (Windows Version) on a MAC computer ?
You will need a way to run Windows (preferably XP) on your Mac. This can only be done on those
running an Intel Processor (so if you've got a (very) old one, you're out of luck).

There are different ways to do this:
  • Dual boot (Bootcamp)
  • Virtualbox
  • VMware Fusion
  • Parallels
Once you've got Windows running you are all set. Just download TuneECU, and make sure your
cable driver is installed correctly in Windows.

!!!!!!!!!!! IMPORTANT NOTICE - PLEASE  READ FIRST !!!!!!!!!!!

1. Read the "Map Edit section" of the User Manual carefully and familiarise yourself thoroughly
    with the program before you begin!

2. Resist the temptation to fiddle before you know what you are doing!

3. Ensure you have the correct tune for the VIN range of your bike and its specification!

4. If you are not an expert in tuning EFI systems, keep to the Triumph OEM Maps or recommended
and resist the temptation to modify them!

5. If you are in doubt ask an expert. E.g. on the following partner forums:

English: Triumph http://www.triumphtorque.com or http://www.triumphrat.net
http://www.tiger800.co.uk/ or http://www.r3owners.net/forums/
Aprilia http://www.apriliaforum.com/forums/index.php
KTM http://www.superduke.net/forum/index.php
Benelli http://www.benelliforum.com/forum/
German: Triumph http://www.T5net.de or http://www.tigerhome.de/
KTM http://www.KTMforum.eu
Benelli http://www.benelliforum.de/index.php
French: Triumph http://www.triumphall.com/forum/
KTM http://supermoto.pifpaf.net/
Benelli http://www.benelliforumfrance.com/
Italian: Triumph http://www.forumtriumphchepassione.com/forum/forum-specifici
Aprilia   http://www.apriliaontheroad.com
Benelli www.benellistiitaliani.it
KTM http://www.myKTM.it/
Spanish: Triumph Foro SpeedTriple.es   Forum no longer exists.
KTM LC8 Forumhttps://www.lc8.es
Portuguese: Triumph http://www.triumphonline.com.br

6. Do not download tune maps to/from the ECM without first ensuring your motorcycle battery is
 charged, your lights are disabled by removing the appropriate fuse, the 16-pin cable is
    connected to both
 your PC/Laptop and the 16-pin diagnostic plug of the Engine Control Module
    (ECM) and the ignition is on!
Occasionally it happens that the download is interrupted, although we have kept strictly to the
    It turns out that it comes to these interruptions, when the battery voltage falls below 12,5 volts,
    even when connected a battery charger. Apparently the power of modern chargers is not sufficient
    to avoid a voltage drop.

    It works perfectly when a second 12-volt car battery is connected.

7. Basically: make sure the TuneECU (Windows version only) or the Maps are not stored in
    too deep directory (this may lead to the firing of the ECU!) or the map is not even loaded.

    Negative Example: c: / tune / ecu / my / triumph / ecu / maps / to / I / myself have created /Tuneecu.exe or
Please store the map for example in:  C: \ Tune or D: \ Tune
Please store the program and the "TuneLibrary.dll" in:  C: \ Program Files \ TuneECU
This ensures that everything works.

Android version of TuneECU:
The maps or map folder must be stored in the "TuneECU" folder on the Android device
for use with the Android version of TuneECU.


Use of the software is at your own risk. Neither the software developer or the website operator will provide any form of guarantee. 

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Damages of any kind will always be to the detriment of the end user.  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Software for Windows, find here.

Drivers, map links and tools, find here

TuneECU for Android is available on Google Play Store.

!! Important note !!
No Motobike Manufactor have had involvement in this product.
The use of a manufactures name and / or model designation to describe
the motorcycles on this site does not imply that the manufacturer endorses
the use of this application.

All care has been taken in the creation of this page, however, the author
cannot guarantee  the completeness and accuracy of this information.

*** END ***