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TuneECU can basically be used only on models which are listed in the compatibility list.
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Doc Ver:2.5 Mar. 2013
Android Doc Ver:4.0 Jul. 2019

last update September-27-2019

Support is only for the software
(Android vers. only), no advice or recommendation
will be given on the use of maps. 
Except the brief descriptions available on the site,
no additional information will be provided on the maps, for any additional questions,  please ask in the appropriate forums.


This description was created for the Windows version of TuneECU and can be applied
largely on the Android version. Deviations in the Android version you can be readHERE.

On first use, TuneECU will open on the Diagnostics panel.


                               Triumph                                                                                        KTM
   Diagnostics (Keihin)                         
                                  Fig. 4                                                                                         Fig. 4a


                              Triumph                                                                                           Aprilia
                                   Fig. 5                                                                                             Fig. 5a

Fig. 5b

This screen will have a slightly different presentation between Sagem and Keihin ECUs.

This mode covers 3 parts:

Analogue Rev Counter, 3 dials and Sensor Table

The dashboard (KEIHIN) (Fig 4 / 4a)

The analogue rev counter with LED indicators and digital readouts (fan, radiator, system malfunction (MIL), fall detection, neutral (N), side stand (S), digital speedometer, gear position and engine speed). Three dials (analog/digital) covering throttle/butterfly opening (%), manifold air pressure (MAP) (hPa) for Keihin ECU or ignition advance (Sagem ECU), and engine temperature in ° C.

The dashboard (SAGEM) (Fig 5 / 5a / 5b)

The analogue rev counter with LED indicators and digital readouts (fan, radiator, system malfunction (MIL), fall detection, neutral (N), side stand (S), digital speedometer and engine speed).Three dials (analog/digital) covering throttle/butterfly opening (%), ignition advance (Sagem ECU), and engine temperature in ° C.Note that Fig 4a shows a TPS (throttle) value of 76% (for this bike) on the display (with full open throttle). This is normal and does not indicate a failure to convey fully open throttle  to the ECU.


The values or status of any other system sensors.Click the “+“or “-” to display/hide the value, hover the mouse pointer over a sensor value to display additional descriptive information.

Error codes/DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Codes):

List of all active and stored fault codes in the ECU and  their description.

This mode has a slightly different format for the Sagem ECU and KTM.

Note:It is possible to display/hide  some (or all) sensors/sensor groups by clicking the the “+“ or “-” symbol.  Hiding sensors will improve the responsiveness of the dashboard display.

The analog gauge displays the following indicators.
(Note, not all sensors are available on all bikes.)

Cooling fan On/Off
Malfunction in the MIL system
(EFI light on Caponord/Futura)
Fall-over sensor
Neutral (N) & Side stand (S)

Button "Power Control" (Benelli 1130)
Speed indicator
Engaged gear number
Engine RPM

3 dial (Analogue/Digital)

Throttle positon sensor in %
MAP (manifold air pressure in hPa (Keihin)

Ignition advance (Sagem)

Engine temperature in °C

The values, state, or voltage (V) of all other sensors are listed on the left side of the display. Move your mouse over the value and a highlighted text will give you a definition of the value.


To hide a sensor display, click the – sign The icon will become a +. Click the + to re-enable the sensor readings. The display will refresh faster when fewer sensors are displayed. 

Error Codes

Lists the error code(s) currently stored in the ECU and a short description of each.

Status Bar

The status bar at the bottom of the screen shows some general information.

Battery Voltage
Note: At least on Caponord/Futura, the displayed voltage
is about  0.5v  more than at the battery.
This difference is
also present on othertuning
O² Sensor (closed or Open Loop)
If the bike has an O² Sensor, this icon will show if the system operating in closed-loop or open-loop mode.
TPS (Throttle Position Sensor)
Connection Status (Red-Orange-Green)
Name of the open map

All care has been taken in the creation of this page, however, the author
cannot guarantee  the completeness and accuracy of this information.

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