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Glossário de Termos


Air temperature

The air temperature in the air box and intake system.

Air temperature sensor

Sensor located in the airbox to detect the temperature of the incoming air.


After Top Dead Centre.

Barometric pressure

Pressure of the air in the airbox. See MAP for difference.

Battery voltage

The voltage at the input to the Electronic Control Module (ECM).


Before Top Dead Centre (TDC).

Calculated load
The actual volume of air per stroke flowing into the engine, expressed as a percentage of maximum
volume that can enter. Provides an indication of the percent engine capacity that is being used
(100 % = full throttle)


Device placed in the exhaust system which reduces exhaust emissions by stimulating secondary combustion of the exhaust gases.

Closed loop = lambda 1 = AFR 14,7:1 is the target value.

CTP Closed throttle position

Throttle position at idle (i.e. against end stop), measured as a voltage and expressed as percentage.

Coolant temperature

The coolant temperature in the cylinder head.

Coolant temperature sensor

Sensor which detects coolant temperature.

Cooling fan status

The ‘on or ‘off’ condition of the cooling fan.


Diagnostic Trouble Code.


Sending a revised map or data from the PC to the bike.   See also READ


Engine/Electronic Control Module/Unit

Engine speed

The crankshaft revolutions per minute.

ETV = Electronic Throttle Valve

The ETV tables 1 - 3 are only tables for the gear ratio of the throttle grip to the stepper motor that moves the throttle valves (0-100%).
Where tables ETV1 to ETV3 are for the 3 available driving modes.
For the following description, the map of a Triumph Street Triple 765 was used as an example.
Stepper value 0 
in the ETV table = throttle valves closed.
Stepper value 1680
in the ETV table = throttle valves fully open (100%)
The stepper motor on this model has 1680 steps as a step to open the throttle valves 100%.
Means: 100/1680 = 0.058 ... - The stepper motor can vary the throttle position to approximately 0.06% accurate.

Freeze frame

A data set captured at the time a Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) is set.

Idle Air Control Valve/System (IACV)

Stepper motor air valve controls amount of air to throttle inlet, to maintain idle or warm-up mixture when throttles are fully closed. System not used on latter bikes.

Idle fuel trim

The percentage above or below the nominal fuel requirement for the volume of air entering at idle.

Idle fueling

Adjustment of fueling at idle to suit the actual air inducted.

Idle reference speed

The target idle speed as determined by the Electronic Control Module (ECM). (It should be the same as the actual idle speed if the motorcycle is operating correctly.)

Ignition advance

The timing of ignition at the spark plug relative to top dead centre.

Ignition switch position

The ‘on’ or ‘off’ position of either or both the ignition switch and the engine stop switch.

Ignition timing

Same as ‘ignition advance’.

Injector pulse time

The time during which an injector remains open (i.e. delivering fuel).

Long term fuel trim

Fueling after adapting to the engine’s long term fueling requirements (closed loop only). See also short term fuel trim.

MAP sensor

Manifold absolute pressure (the air pressure in the intake system). Measured after the throttle valves this reading is
compared to the pressure reading in the air box (barometric pressure) to allow
the ECM to calculate engine load,

On Keihin bikes (eg 675), the value can be used to adjust throttle body sync as there is one sensor for each intake. Earlier Sagem'd bikes (eg 595,955) do not have individual intake sensors and require external device (eg Carbtune) to measure each intake.


Malfunction Indicator Lamp. Illuminates when most Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC's) are set.

Neutral switch status

The 'neutral' or 'in gear' status of the gearchange.

Off idle fuel trim

The percentage above or below the nominal fuel requirement for the volume of air entering at engine speeds other than idle. This function is not currently used in the Triumph system.

Open circuit

A break in an electrical circuit - current cannot flow.

Over temp

High temperature within the Electronic Control Module (ECM) caused by an internal or external failure.

Primary Throttle Position Sensor

Sensor for the primary (lower) throttle position.

Primary Throttle Stepper Motor (see also IACV)

Stepper motor used to vary throttle opening at idle and when the engine is cold. (latter bikes only)

Purge valve duty cycle

The time the purge valve is open in an open / close cycle, expressed as a percentage of the cycle time.

READ (tune)

Reading a tune or data FROM bike to PC. Bike ==> PC

Road Speed Sensor

Gearbox mounted sensor which delivers information to the ECM that is converted to the road speed value that is displayed on the speedometer.

Sensor reference voltage

Supply voltage to the system sensors (nominally 5 volts).

Short Circuit

A 'short cut' in an electrical circuit - current by-passes the intended circuit (usually to earth).

Short term fuel trim

A correction applied to the fuel mixture during closed loop catalyst operation. This, in turn has an effect on the long term fuel trim in that, if an engine constantly requires mixture correction, the long term fuel trim will adapt to this requirement thus reducing the need for constant short term adjustment.

Sidestand status

The 'up' or 'down' position of the side stand.

Target dwell time

The actual time from coil 'on' to coil 'off'.

Throttle position (TP)

The position of the throttle butterfly given as a percentage of the movement range. When the data is displayed on the tool, fully open need not be 100% nor fully closed 0%.

Read by the TPS (sensor).

Throttle voltage

Voltage at the throttle potentiometer.


Battery voltage.

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