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Testes e ajustes

This description was created for the Windows version of TuneECU and can be applied
largely on the Android version. Deviations in the Android version will be added here by
and by.

Principais funções da tela de TESTES:

  • Diferença de pressão da admissão dos cilindros, para fazer a sincronização da abertura
    do acelerador.
  • Tacómetro
  • Ventuinha
  • Bomba de Combustível
  • SAI
  • Air flap (Daytona 675)
  • Válvula de torque escapamento (Daytona 675)
  • Ajuste da válvula do escapameto após troca de cabo
  • Reset TPS

 Print da tela de testes:

                                      Triumph                                                                        Aprilia

KTM                                                                                       Benelli


Keihin Mode

In this mode, only 3 small dials of the dashboard are active, providing the value of the vacuum intake (Manifold Absolute Pressure) of the corresponding cylinder (Keihin only), thus providing  reference values for syncronising butterfly valve (throttle) opening.

Triumph: The display resolution is 10 hPa, the synchronization is correct if the difference is from 0 to 10 hPa.

KTM: here is the display resolution 1 hPa


Not all tests are available on all motorcycles.
Test components of the motorcycle.
Each test lasts around 10 seconds:

- (lower left column) Tests  certain components of the bike, the test takes about 10 seconds.

 Double-Click on each circle “   ”    to test:

Test Description Triumph KTM Aprilia Benelli
Tachometer Turn on sequentially all lights, engine temperature chart, speed to 100km/h, tachometer to 7500rpm


 Only Tacho
To 7500 rpm

 Only Tacho

To 5000 rpm

 Coling Fan Starts the cooling fan – listen for the fan noise Yes No Yes Yes
 Fuel Pump Prime the fuel pump – listen for the fuel pump noise Yes Yes Yes Yes
Cycle through the idle stepper – listen for a very quiet ticking noise Yes Yes Yes Yes

(Only bikes with charcoal canister) Activate the purge valve – listen for a very quiet noise

Yes Yes Yes No
 SAI Secondary air injection system Yes Yes No No
 Sonde O² O2 sonde heater - see in Diagnostics No Yes No No
 Air Flap Air flap (675 Daytona) located in the air intake towards the front Yes No No No
Exhaust valve (675 Daytona) located in the exhaust Yes No No No
Adjust the exhaust valve – when you change the cable Yes No No No
     TPS / ISCV
Keihin(exept KTM) It is done in several steps. Read the workshop manual. The third dial shows the voltage (V), allowing the adjustment of the position and adjustment of the controller. Keihin No No No
The "Reset adaption" is for example required when a new map was loaded
 onto the ECU.  Also possible through <Menu>ECU  ---- Reset Adaption
Keihin No No ?
 Ignition Coil Testing the coils - listen or observe if sparks will appear at the spark plugs.
No Yes No No
 Injectors Testing the injectors - Listen for injector operation
No Yes No No
 2nd Throttle Test the 2nd throttle function only (Triumph Rocket & KTM ) Yes Yes No No
 Reset TPS Sagem: Recalibrate the throttle position sensor, Double-click the Reset TPS button.
How to KTM: After downloading a FI-map, start the engine and let runnig it idle (without touching accelerator) for 15 minutes, then turn it off.

How to KTM: After downloading a EP-map, Following a mapping download into the ECU, turn off the ignition (key) , turn on the ignition, slowly rotate the Throttle until full throttle then slowly close the throttle, turn off the ignition.
Sagem No Yes Yes
 Idle Fuel
     Trim (CO)
Target Idle A/F
Adjust the idle fuel trim (Triumph without O²-Sensor only)
Enable the setting function by double-clicking on the arrows.
Note: this setting only perform in conjunction with a gas analyzer.
Sagem No Yes Yes
Target Idle A/F
Triumph Sagem - Double-click to "adjust  IACV"
It is possible to reset these two last parameters by right-clicking the arrows active during the adjustment
Sagem No Yes ?
 Long Term
      Fuel Trim
Adjust the long term fuel trim (Sagem) Triumph models with O²-Sensor only Sagem No Yes No
Adjusting the throttle cable
The idle speed control stepper motor will be completely retracted and the throttle valves completely closed.
Switch the ignition switch off, WITHOUT exiting or disconnecting the software, and adjust the throttle cable clearance.
No Yes No No
*** Warning: the metal part of the candle must be in contact with the mass of the bike under threat of destruction
     of the coil.

- Adjustments (Keihin except KTM):

 Adjusting exhaust butterfly  valve (EXBV)

 (See workshop manual), the 3rd dial displays the position of the valve (%) in this setting.

Adjust Idle Stepper Control Valve (ISCV) and TPS

Occurs in several steps (see workshop manual).


The 3rd dial displays the voltage of the TPS (Throttle Position Sensor) for adjusting its position.

Adaptation Reset (formerly Reset TPS)

See  the procedure  in section "Map Edit"

KTM only Adjusting the throttle cable :
The idle speed control stepper motor will be completely retracted and the throttle valves completely closed.

Switch the ignition switch off, WITHOUT exiting or disconnecting the software, and adjust the throttle cable

- Adjusments SAGEM :
In this mode all readings of the instrument panel are inactive.
All other indication areas (sensors, test values, error code,  battery voltage) are activated.

TPS Reset

Resets the closed throttle position (sets to a high value). Then start the engine and let idle for 60s to allow the ECU to trim to the correct value.

Setting CO

Double- click on the line to access this setting) for adjusting the idle fuel trim.

Long Term Fuel Trim

Double-click to adjust. (for models fitted with Lambda sensors only)

Idle Stepper

Double- click to "adjust IACV".

 It is possible to reset the last two parameters in the context menu available; right click on the arrows to adjust
 the setting
(this feature is available only in TuneECU for Windows).

Walbro ECU settings (Benelli TNT, Tornado 1130 & TREK)
Note: For the Walbro models is when using TuneECU for Android, still a converter cable,
            FTDI-USB-RS232 12V, required.

- Reset TPS: 
resets the closed position of the throttle.
- Idle Fuel Trim (CO): (
double click on the line to access this settinglets you adjust the fuel richness at idle.
- Global.Injection correction: Double click on "Global.Inj.correction" and adjust the parameters.
  (Recording in the ECU will be effective only after the value turns gray)

All care has been taken in the creation of this page, however, the author
cannot guarantee  the completeness and accuracy of this information.

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